Waste heat utilisation

In contrast to heat recovery, the waste heat generated in one process is transferred to other processes during waste heat utilisation. However, heat is not just heat. Here is it concerned with how and where waste heat can be used, what temperature levels are usable and the possibilities with combined heat and power (CHP).

A large range of modern technologies are available for successfully integrating industrial waste heat: In addition to direct integration within operational processes, the waste heat can be used at a high temperature level in other processes, as well as for space and domestic hot water heating. Furthermore, the waste heat can be converted into other forms of useful energy such as cooling energy or electricity – using already technically mature and economically viable technologies such as steam processes and ORC systems. Research is therefore focussing less on new technological developments and more on the conceptual integration of waste heat potential into supplies for urban districts and the design of local waste heat network systems.

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