Methodologically sound economic analyses

How economically viable are energy efficiency measures? This question is of considerable importance for the acceptance of energy efficiency investments. However, it is not so easy to find clear answers here. In practice, there are many different calculation methods and assumptions and data. The topic is complex because it involves different types of buildings or system types, different initial situations and utilisation scenarios, construction costs versus utilisation costs and a comprehensive view of all the costs incurred in the lifecycle of buildings or energy systems.

In addition to the costs, the yields and the benefits of buildings or energy efficiency-related modernisation measures are also of interest, again over time. A comparison of different alternatives, solely on a cost basis, presupposes functional equivalence. If this is not the case, for example due to varying comfort or user acceptance, then the benefits must also be included in the calculation in addition to the costs.

In many model projects, the cost-benefit ratio of the energy efficiency measures is analysed. However, no uniform assessment methodology has yet been established for this.

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