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Information and communication technology is generally becoming increasingly important for buildings and districts: This is because innovative building technology and the electrical, thermal and digital networking of buildings, districts and energy systems can significantly optimise their energy efficiency. This is being researched and tested in many projects.

For new-build schemes, renovation and also for building management, special tools are being developed for simulating buildings and systems and for energy-efficiently balancing individual buildings or districts. Software is also being developed for architecture and specialist planning as well as for project management, quality assurance and operation management. Work is currently being carried out on integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) concepts and ensuring a continuity of data management from the design and construction of buildings to their operation. The aim is to achieve a digital information flow for all phases of a building or property.

At the district level, geographic information systems are playing an increasingly important role in planning tools, as are specialised systems for energy management and quality assurance as well as models for energy and CO2 balancing.

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