Refurbishment of individual buildings

Buildings have a very long life expectancy. A large part of the existing building stock is therefore made up of old buildings that need significantly more energy than the new buildings built today. This means that they have to be refurbished at a suitable time. This usually requires extensive construction work, during which the buildings are often still occupied. This impairs the users and it usually takes many years for the costs of the structural measures to pay for themselves through reduced energy costs. Therefore, refurbishment must become much simpler, more rational and more cost-effective in order to become more attractive for more stakeholders.

Industrial prefabrication based on modular systems and concepts for integrating technical systems are possible strategies for reducing the costs of refurbishment with improved execution quality. Decisive are rational refurbishment processes and the integration of the building energy concepts into local or regional energy systems combined with minimally invasive solutions.

In many refurbishment projects, technological innovations and new refurbishment concepts are being tested in practice and the resulting building performance scientifically evaluated.

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