New materials and components

Innovations from research and development significantly expand the design scope for architects and specialist designers. New materials and components provide new properties for the building envelope and building technology.

Current developments include high-performance insulation materials with foam pores on the nanometer scale, as well as insulation materials based on renewable raw materials. Coated films with selective, adaptive or switchable properties can expand the properties of the building envelope as a thin, taut membrane. Innovative coating technologies provide component surfaces with new or improved properties.

There is also potential for innovation in the glazing field. Optically adaptive or selective layers and glazing support the solar and glare protection in buildings and can be integrated into the operational management strategies for buildings.

Switchable modules are even being developed for opaque elements in the building envelope so that, for example, heat can be dissipated from buildings in accordance with needs. Multifunctional facade modules assume several functions simultaneously, for example as daylight systems integrated into the glazing with solar-active modules and solar shading, or as prefabricated facade modules for minimally invasive refurbishments with integrated ventilation technology.

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