Construction of individual buildings

The legal minimum requirements for efficiency and sustainable energy provision have gradually increased in recent years. And this trend will continue, which is why new-build schemes can achieve considerable energy efficiency. However, this requires a diverse range of coordinated measures relating to the building envelope and building technology to achieve this. The low energy demand that remains can be covered by regional renewable sources or local and regional energy systems.

There are now various building concepts and technological solutions with which new buildings even exceed the legal standard. These become energy-plus buildings that generate more energy than they consume over the course of the year. This allows them to take on a more interactive role as grid-supportive buildings in the future renewable electricity grid. In future, it will even be possible to use and store excess solar and wind power in a highly efficient manner in the form of heating and cooling energy.

In many demonstration projects, various technological innovations and new systems and concepts are being tested in practice and the resulting building performance scientifically evaluated.

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