Research management

Expert knowledge of research management is essential in order to ensure that public subsidy programmes achieve their objectives, industrial partners and research institutes work together profitably, and that researchers are well informed of subsidy options in their field of work.

Project Management Organisation Jülich manages the bulk of the energy research funding on behalf of several German federal ministries. This funding includes subsidy programmes for renewable energies, energy efficiency technologies and conversion technologies.

Project Management Organisation Jülich is also the contact partner for the professional and administrative coordination of the Energiewendebauen research initiative, which was newly established as part of the German federal government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy (ESG) in 2017. The research initiative combines and links research on energy-optimised building, the energy-efficient city, energy-efficient heating and cooling networks, thermal energy storage and low-temperature solar thermal energy.

Project outlines and applications must be coordinated with Project Management Organisation Jülich.

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