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Solar Construction / Energy-Efficient City

The inter-ministerial “Solar Construction/Energy-Efficient City” funding announcement from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research represents the entire area concerned with the energy-optimised construction, refurbishment and operation of buildings and energy infrastructures in districts and covers all aspects concerned with increasing energy efficiency, integrating renewable energies and energy optimisation.
The funding initiative comprises two modules.

Module I, called “Solar Construction”, focuses on projects relating to energy-efficient buildings and building ensembles. It covers all aspects concerned with energy-efficient and solar design and construction including solution-led and practical aspects: project ideas relating to digitisation, the use of information and communication technologies, new planning tools (with open interfaces), building information modelling (BIM) and the networking of all actors involved in the construction process throughout the building's entire lifecycle.

Comprehensive flagship projects are funded at the district level in Module II, called “Energy-Efficient City”. The focus here is on districts as the smallest scale increment and on using a systemic approach, taking into account technological, socio-spatial and economic processes as well as energy and material flows. The goal is to realise energy-optimised, sustainable districts that combine energy efficiency with the use of renewable energies through innovative ideas. This is not solely concerned with technical challenges but also with achieving suitable (legal) framework conditions and economic concepts, as well as the effective networking of all actors.

Note: The deadline for submission ended on 5 August 2016, so no more project ideas can be submitted.

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