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Low-temperature solar thermal energy

Solar collector systems can make a significant contribution to the heating and cooling provision. Decisive prerequisites for this include, in particular, a further significant reduction in the cost of solar thermal systems as well as improved integration into existing heating systems and technologies in buildings and heating networks. Solar thermal energy offers new perspectives, especially for urban conurbations and the existing district heating networks there. The networks are becoming renewable and the profitability of the district heating can be particularly improved in the summer months.

The research funding is in particular focussing on system technology for low-temperature solar thermal energy for solar heating and cooling. Also included are concepts for integrating the technology into roofs, facades and energy technology, including the heat storage. In addition, the funding also includes the development of system concepts, the development of decentralised solar feed-in stations, the development and demonstration of low-temperature heating networks (30 to 50 °C) as well as the demonstration of solar thermal heating networks in rural areas that are combined with additional heat sources. The new concepts are being tested and scientifically evaluated with pilot and demonstration systems.

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