Energy Transition in Districts

At the district level, innovative system solutions for increased energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy are funded. These solutions should simultaneously be integrated in long-term strategies for the entire city in question. The aim is to accelerate transformation processes in urban energy supply structures. This is set to be achieved by overcoming obstacles hindering the realization of large-scale energy efficiency projects.

Research funding encompasses the fields of demonstration and pilot projects, new methods and concepts, and technology research and development. Demonstration and pilot projects are awarded funding for purposes such as the transfer of research and development results, systemic approaches to energetic optimization on the district level, and the testing of newly developed technologies and planning tools. Additional purposes include integral solution approaches for urban model situations and the development and testing of scientific measurement programmes and evaluation of projects.

In applied research and development, measures are eligible for funding if they concern instruments for depicting the real situation, simulating various renovation pathways, or balancing energy flows. Concepts are also eligible for funding if they concern the optimization of the overall system or represent instruments for increasing acceptance among users.

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