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Energy Optimised Building

In the research on energy-optimised building, individual buildings or building ensembles are being investigated in detail along with their interfaces to neighbouring buildings and the local district. The integrated investigation of the buildings in their respective environmental context with a view to sensibly incorporating them as energy sinks, energy sources or energy storage systems in the local energy supply systems goes hand in hand with the conversion and development of supply networks for electricity, heating, cooling and water. The focus here is primarily on buildings and their energy loads, which are being investigated in detail in a bottom-up approach.

The research on energy-optimised building is also focussing on the research and development of construction technology and building services equipment. The research topics include the integrated consideration of buildings in their environment, the further development of high-performance insulation materials such as nano-foams, improvements in coating technologies, the integration of innovative energy conversion technologies in components, the switchability of building elements in building envelops, efficient ventilation and heat pump technologies, decentralised conversion technologies such as micro-cogeneration, thermal and electrical storage in buildings, energy efficient-led building simulations, building monitoring, building management systems and the energy efficient-led optimisation of building operations, low-exergy technologies as well as component cost reductions and lifecycle considerations.

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