Climate-Neutral Building Stock by 2050

According to the Federal Government’s plans, the German building stock should be virtually climate neutral by 2050. In addition to technological innovations, concepts are also required that will permit a wide market introduction of already available technologies and methods. This is why the “EnEff.Gebäude.2050” funding initiative was launched: it targets innovative projects for a virtually climate-neutral German building stock by 2050. This measure is intended to accelerate the practical introduction of available but novel technologies and methods. The aim is to reduce the non-renewable primary energy demand. As an additional format, the funding measure complements the projects of the Energy Transition Construction research initiative.

Innovation projects are funded that are models for helping to increase energy efficiency and the proportion of renewable energy. The model projects have a relatively minor research aspect and primarily focus on practical applications and their users.

Interest is also placed on new solutions for the energetic optimization of entire properties, innovative system components, and interfaces, as well as non-technological innovations such as the development of instruments for market launches.

Ideas competitions will contribute to coming close to climate neutrality in buildings through creative ideas and effective public relations.

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