Research funding in the new 7th Energy Research Programme

With its Energiewende – its energy transition, the German federal government is aiming to transform Germany’s energy provision by 2050. Future energy supplies shall be based on highly efficient energy distribution and utilisation as well as energy generation based on renewable energies. This transformation requires considerable technological innovations in almost all areas of the energy system. This is why innovative ideas and concepts shall be systematically promoted in this area.

A decisive challenge for the energy transition is the energy-efficient modernisation of the building sector. This is where about 40 per cent of the final energy is consumed in Germany. Efficiency increases and an improved integration of renewable energies will therefore make a considerable impact here. However, this can only succeed if innovative solutions are developed and brought rapidly to market. A holistic, systemic view of the building and district sector opens up new possibilities here.

As part of the 7th Energy Research Programme, the Federal Government supports projects that contribute to the achievement of the Federal Government's energy policy goals. A central concern is the strengthening of technology and innovation transfer. To this end, real energy system transformation laboratories will be established as a new pillar of energy research. The 7th Energy Research Programme addresses both technology-specific funding priorities and cross-technology cross-sectional topics. This is because the transformation of the energy landscape must be designed to be cross-system and socially inclusive.

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