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In his opening speech, Thorsten Herdan, Head of the Department "Energy Policy - Heat and Efficiency" at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, emphasised the high relevance of building and neighbourhood research for a successful energy turnaround. This is also reflected in the recently published 7th Energy Research Programme, which focuses on buildings. Just how important digitisation is here is shown by the two trends "Big Cities" and digitally networked buildings. As elements of a larger network, these have energy interfaces to neighbouring buildings, to the neighbourhood and to electricity and heating networks. Communication technology must therefore be increasingly linked to energy technology.

In his speech, Siemens CEO Cedrik Neike introduced the Siemens innovation campus in Berlin-Spandau. The company will invest in an almost 100-hectare, digitized city district where production, development, research and living will take place. In his speech, E.ON Board Member Dr. Karsten Wildberger spoke about the digitalization of the energy world and the associated challenges for his company.

Thorsten Herdan, head of the "Energy Policy - Heat and Efficiency" department at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, welcomed the participants on the first day of the event.

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Die Veranstaltung gliederte sich in die vier Sessions "Smart Building", "Smart City", "Smart Grid", "Smart Technology".

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An der Veranstaltung nahmen Vertreter aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft teil.

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Politik diskutiert mit Wirtschaft: Prof. Dirk Müller (RWTH Aachen), Dr. Karsten Wildberger (Vorstand E.ON SE), Cedrik Neike (Vorstand Siemens) und Thorsten Herdan (BMWi) sprachen unter anderem über die wichtigsten Herausforderung in der zukünftigen Energieforschung.

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Last Update: 31. January 2019

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