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Event Date: May 3-4, 2019
Event Organizer: Passive House Institute
Event Location: Stadthalle, Heidelberg

The passive house conference "Besser Bauen!" will take place in Heidelberg from 03 to 04 May 2019. Heidelberg is a particularly suitable location as the Bahnstadt district is considered the largest Passive House settlement in the world. Participants can expect specialist lectures, panel discussions and practical workshops on the following topics:

03. May 2019, 09:30-18:15

  • communal implementation and passive house quarters
  • Cooling and Dehumidification
  • passive house is worth it! How do I explain it to my client?
    Non-residential buildings with special requirements
  • Delivering NZEB: PH Buildings in Europe
  • How can high energy efficiency and building culture be combined?
  • climate protection at district level - planning and evaluating with districtPH
  • air tightness
  • Passive house: an ingenious concept! Where is the demand?
  • Questions and answers about designPH 2

04 May 2019, 09:00-18:00

  • Sustainability and Renewable Energy Supply
  • How to reach affordable NZEB?
  • summer comfort in a passive house
  • BIM and PHPP
  • News from the ventilation industry
  • Tools for cost efficient building design
  • Future-proof renovation
  • curtain walls
  • Quality assurance, handover and monitoring
  • Deep retrofits
  • Cost-effective supply
  • What's new in PHPP?

The conference will be accompanied by a two-day trade exhibition at which manufacturers will present their products for energy-efficient construction and refurbishment.

A special feature of the conference is the Passive House Slam, which will take place for the first time and will describe special experiences in the construction of Passive Houses every five minutes. On Sunday 05 May the participants are invited in the context of numerous excursion ions different passive house projects in Heidelberg and environment to look at themselves.

Further information

Written registration is required for the Passive House Conference. Further information can be found in the programme booklet of the Event on the website.

Last Update: 15. April 2019

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